[LAU] searching for a basic jazz rhythm (midi file)

Philippe Hezaine philippe.hezaine at free.fr
Thu Mar 5 14:02:02 EST 2009

On 3/1/09, Grammostola Rosea <rosea.grammostola at ...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to play autumn leaves (4/4) with guitar and bass. Does someone
> knows to find a midi file with a basic jazz rhythm which I can use for
> it? to play along?


If the use of Lilypond is too difficult, may be from the Swing midi file 
you can copy and paste some bars you like in a track of sequencer and 
play them with a loop.
And also I'm using this late answer (sorry) to tell you that i've 
uploaded some new rock-patterns and began the bossa-patterns.



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