[LAU] About mailing lists and linuxaudio.org (Was: Debian Multimedia Team)

MarcO'Chapeau marco at marcochapeau.org
Mon Mar 9 15:52:09 EDT 2009

On Mon, 9 Mar 2009 11:09:34 -0700, Mark Knecht <markknecht at gmail.com>
> In general I agree with what I understand about linuxaudio.org and
> your point of view.
> Probably I need to make a more nuanced distinction between
> linuxaudio.org and linux-audio-user at lists.linuxaudio.org. It's likely
> not true for you running all this stuff but from the outside I see the
> two as very intertwined. If the business of linuxaudio.org were to
> become a large part of what is discussed on this list, or the list was
> to start pushing folks to become Debian based as a policy, then I'd be
> disappointed. I think it's best if this list is distro neutral. What
> linuxaudio.org does is a different thing.

Well, hello again, this time from the list-admin part of me.

I would like to clarify this for those who might be here since recently and
who might not know of the history of our 4 favorite lists. The hosting at
linuxaudio.org is relatively recent, and was chosen in an effort to make
things look a little more organized. Our lists are kindly hosted there by
the Virginia Tech Department of Music and DISIS. They were previously
hosted at the University of Columbia (at the time there were 3 lists ;
linux-audio-tuning did not yet exist). The first list created was, if I'm
not mistaken, linux-audio-dev, a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away
(1998 ?).

While our lists are hosted at linuxaudio.org, they do not belong to anyone
but the whole community that make them as lively and entertaining as they
are. Moreover, they cannot be in any way related/associated/linked/whatever
to one particular distribution. So feel free to talk about any distro you
feel is good for audio, even slackware if you wish :p

And one last thing, just so everything is crystal clear, since these list
belong to everyone, you are also entitled to fire the list admin (that
would be me) at anytime if I start being really bad at that ;)

Kind regards,

Marc-Olivier Barre,
The guy who gets to read a lot of spam to keep those lists clean.

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