[LAU] ambdec

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Tue Mar 10 19:11:15 EDT 2009

alex stone wrote:
> I'm having a journey of discovery here with Ambdec, and i've made some
> presets of sorts, that are at least....unique (Humour to the fore.)
> A quick question.
> For a medium orchestra template driven by Lsampler, with 60 outs (30
> stereo pairs), will i need multiple instances of Ambdec? (As a coarse
> experiment, 10)
> Or am i approaching this from the wrong direction?

in an ambisonic listening system, ambdec's job is to *render* the
b-format signal as appropriate for your speaker layout.
hence, there will only be a single ambdec instance and configuration for
any given speaker layout.

i'm not sure i understand what you do with your 60 stereo pairs, but you
will probably want to mix them into a b-format master bus, using an
ambisonic stereo panner. listen closely for comb filtering, though, if
you ever end up putting the two signals of a stereo pair very close
together. coincident stereo works best here.



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