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Tue Mar 24 12:44:28 EDT 2009

On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 7:24 PM, alex stone <compose59 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Fons,
> I'm having much enjoyment experimenting with Jconv, and have a further
> question.
> I've set up a multiple input output .conf, using your /impulse/copy
> function.
> It works really well, and i've been adding them up to my current test which
> is 18 ins, and 18 outs, being 16 ER's, and 2 Tails. (more or less.)
> This is with the "greathall". wav.
> (And the naming function works a treat, and makes things easy to see and
> identify quickly in a patchbay.)
> There's a lot more to do, including tweaking the ER start and finish
> points, but, and this is the Q:
> I can set the jconv outs, to ardours ins, and pan them, so the ER 'image'
> is in the same location aurally (roughly, for now) as the dry signal.
> But is it possible to 'pan' the ER within the .conf itself, per in and out,
> including the impulse/copy ins and outs?
> Or can i only do this within Ardour, or another app?
> At the moment, everything's coming out in the middle, and i'm considering
> adding busses to create a panned sound image. (At this stage of template
> building, anyway)
> Alex.
> --
> Parchment Studios (It started as a joke...)

as a follow on to this, i've been trying to figure out your multi channel
panning mechanism in Ardour's mixing strips.
So far no success.
How do i identify which in is going to which dot?
I tried it listening to signal, but nothing seems to change.

I'll definitely put this one down to user error, but i'm a bit stumped at
the moment.

2nd question.

In a multi channel buss, can i isolate signals in, and adjust the gain
accordingly, or is it just one gain to rule them all...?



Fons, with 18 ins, and 18 outs from one greathall.wav instance, i'm
averaging about 18% CPU use for Jconv when the music's running. (Verified in

I don't know if this info will help you at all in determining efficiency ,
but i'm doing all this on an AMD64 X2 5600+ with 4GB of ram (64bit 64Studio,
2.6.29 RT kernel), and i have RG, LS and Ardour going at the same time, with
a fairly hefty full orchestral template (72 audio outs from LS using 2.8GB
of RAM, with the same in Ardour tracks, and a further 18 busses as well. RG
is running 22 midi ports out, and all this happens 'live', driven from the
midi.). Total CPU use is averaging just under 40%, with the odd 48-55%
thrown in, in the busy sections. (Dual Core CPU.)
Parchment Studios (It started as a joke...)
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