[LAU] Looking for noteeditor with chordnames and midi export

Alex Polite mylists at polite.se
Thu Mar 26 05:39:35 EDT 2009

I'm looking for a note editor for linux to input scores from fake
books. I'm just staring out with the piano and I want to use the
generated midi to help me in my right-hand and left-hand practice.

So here are my criteria:

1) Can use chord symbols as input and print chord symbols.
2) Can export to midi and also export staves separately.
3) Can change tempo of exported midi.
4) Textbased or gui doesn't matter.

Another really cool feature would be Midi -> Fake book style
conversion. ie I input a midi file and get back an easy to read piece
of sheet music, with chord names. (If I import an average midi file to
Rosegaren the resulting sheet music will be a tangle way to hard to
read for a beginner like myself.)


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