[LAU] Looking for noteeditor with chordnames and midi export

Grammostola Rosea rosea.grammostola at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 08:25:10 EDT 2009

Alex Polite wrote:
> I'm looking for a note editor for linux to input scores from fake
> books. I'm just staring out with the piano and I want to use the
> generated midi to help me in my right-hand and left-hand practice.
> So here are my criteria:
> 1) Can use chord symbols as input and print chord symbols.
> 2) Can export to midi and also export staves separately.
> 3) Can change tempo of exported midi.
> 4) Textbased or gui doesn't matter.
> Another really cool feature would be Midi -> Fake book style
> conversion. ie I input a midi file and get back an easy to read piece
> of sheet music, with chord names. (If I import an average midi file to
> Rosegaren the resulting sheet music will be a tangle way to hard to
> read for a beginner like myself.)
I think the best thing to try is Lilypond (maybe with help of the editor 
Frescobaldi.org or Jedit with Lilypondtool)

www.lilypond.org > subscribe to their mailinglist.

Other options and GUI:

- Mscore
- NtEd
- Rosegarden
- Denemo

Good luck

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