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Justin Smith wrote:
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>> Justin Smith wrote:
>>> On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 3:59 AM, Grammostola Rosea
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>>>> Hi,
>>>> Music is digitalized now and so I use more and more my pc for listening
>>>> to music. I guess this are just modern times....
>>>> But this are also the times of a planet what get destroyed and less
>>>> important  money  just disappears...
>>>> So I want to save as much energy as possible without buying another pc.
>>>> Is there a way to handle this? What are the tricks or are there 'green'
>>>> distro's?
>>>> Thanks in advance,
>>>> \r
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>>> One possibility is using applications that use less CPU, the harder
>>> your CPU works, the more energy it turns in to waste heat. For this,
>>> avoid things written in dynamic languages, and in general try to use
>>> the smallest and most efficient program for a given task (you could
>>> look at applications recommended for older/slower computers like
>>> blackbox / evilwm / rox-filer / xfce / lxde / etc. and using a command
>>> line application whenever possible rather than a full GUI will save a
>>> large amount of CPU / disk usage as well.
>> Is there a command line multimedia music player?
> If by multimedia you mean audio + video I am not sure, there is
> mplayer but it does not do playlists as far as I know,

mplayer -playlist NameOfPlaylistHere

It supports a simple one-file-per-line playlist. An article on Linux 
Journal says it also supports ASX, M3U and other popular playlist formats.

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