[LAU] help with a2jmidi/a2jcontrol Dbus error.

sonofzev at iinet.net.au sonofzev at iinet.net.au
Mon Mar 30 22:42:33 EDT 2009

Hi All 

I am having trouble getting a2jmidi to work. Any help would be most appreciated
as I have upgraded my soundcard to an FFADO device, but really need my MIDI
devices available to jack (i've been happily using ardour3 svn for a couple of
months now) 

Specifically, I can't seem to use a2jcontrol to map ALSA midi devices into jack.
(The same happens in reverse too). 

"a2jcontrol start" appears to work fine, "a2jcontrol status" reports bridge
started but when I actually try to map I get the following error. 

allan at daw ~ $ a2j_control ma2jc 24 1
--- map ALSA to JACK capture port
DBus exception: org.gna.home.a2jmidid.error.unknown_port: Unknown ALSA
sequencer port 24:1 (capture)

The port exists and is visible in the connection menu for qjackctl. Here is my
output from aconnect -l (edited) 

client 24: 'USB Device 0x86a:0x01' [type=kernel]
   0 'USB Device 0x86a:0x01 MIDI 1'
   1 'USB Device 0x86a:0x01 MIDI 2'
   2 'USB Device 0x86a:0x01 MIDI 3'
   3 'USB Device 0x86a:0x01 MIDI 4'
   4 'USB Device 0x86a:0x01 MIDI 5'
   5 'USB Device 0x86a:0x01 MIDI 6'
   6 'USB Device 0x86a:0x01 MIDI 7'
   7 'USB Device 0x86a:0x01 MIDI 8'
   8 'USB Device 0x86a:0x01 Broadcast'

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