[LAU] [ANN] Jackbeat 0.7

Olivier Guilyardi ml at xung.org
Tue May 5 07:00:06 EDT 2009

Atte André Jensen wrote:
> Olivier Guilyardi wrote:
>> Well, that depends on a couple of factors, especially time and motivation.. I
>> just listened to the music you take part into, namely Modlys and Vuggeviser, and
>> I must say I like it. I like the mood and vocals, although one or two tracks
>> with a higher tempo could be cool too, to my taste.
> Thanks. Vuggeviser (lullabies) are not that much mine (I wrote two, play 
> piano on the CD and live. Modlys does have a few faster tracks but 
> that's basically supposed to be meditation music, so I have to be 
> careful with the energy level.

I actually listened more to Modlys, and also watched the Fodspor video which got
me wondering about how you maybe could use Jackbeat in live...

This is not only about sound. One of my ancient idea is a graphical output
window, which would have a black background and show the current pattern as
rectangles which colour (hue) would be the dominant frequency and intensity the
beat level (as in the current main window).

This graphical window wouldn't have any control or label, only animated and
(optionally) coloured beats, which could make it suitable for video projection,
if one feels like it. With proper delays and intensity fading, I think that it
could fit a meditative mood.

>> In order to really get somewhere, in addition to the midi record support, what
>> are the features you would need for composition and/or live performance ?
> I played a bit with it yesterday, and was a bit disappointed to find it 
> seems "just" to be a drum machine (your original release announcement 
> mentioned "audio sequencer"). I'm not sure I can find use for "just" a 
> drum machine, but I'm gonna play with it some more.

I understand. I actually always said "sequencer" because this is my original
goal. At the time I started Jackbeat I was into making a tool that would fit my
song composition needs, and I wanted something compact. Each square on the
pattern was likely to represent 8 measures of a recorded guitar part for
example. But most people saw it as a drummachine ;) And I actually don't mind.

Better said, I'm interested in how it could evolve being influenced by various
users and artists as you. That said, my current future plans would tend to get
inspired by *some* of the features of the famous Live.

Nevertheless, coming back to reality, I think that you may find comfortable
using Jackbeat as a music sketching utility, provided you work with audio stuff
not only midi. And, if you spend a little time doing some OSC routing you might
"sequence the sequences" themselves from an external application by sending
/<sequence>/start OSC messages to Jackbeat..


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