[LAU] Snare drum mic too hot

Scott lau at troutpocket.org
Sat May 9 20:54:41 EDT 2009

Ray Rashif wrote:
> Did you try padding it? Or does this preamp have no pad button? Can't 
> tell by the photos nor is it stated.

There's no pad button.  There's a phantom button to give it a little extra juice.

Anyway, I found an XLR->TS adapter in my big box of cables and was able to plug 
directly into the Audiofire12.  Now I have a healthy amount of overhead in my signal 
while still pulling in a good amount of clarity.  It would be nice if I could adjust 
that now.

A pad switch would be nice.  The Nady preamp is such a simple device it doesn't even 
have that.  I suppose I could run it through my Mackie mixer instead.


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