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2009/5/8 Mark Knecht <markknecht at gmail.com>

> On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 9:06 AM, James Stone <jamesmstone at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > Although this is not strictly linux-audio related, I thought I
> > would ask here, as I am using linux tools, and I know there are
> > some really knowledgeable people here. So my question is, do you
> > have any recommendations about where I can look to learn how to
> > record, mix and master a standard 4 piece rock band?
> >
> > So far, I have recorded some tracks using ardour (on my eeepc -
> > so only a max of 2 simultaneous line in), and fiddled around with
> > plugins on each of the instruments. This is what I have at the
> > moment (transferred to my desktop so processing power is not a
> > problem):
> >
> > Drums (only 1 channel comprised of a mix of the snare mic and
> > bass drum mic): Multiband EQ (bass emphasis), C* Compressor,
> > Barry's Satan Maximizer, c* plate (very subtle reverb)
> >
> > Bass: Dyson compressor, C*plate (very subtle reverb)
> >
> > Guitar: Multiband EQ (treble emphasis), Barry's Satan Maximiser, Plate
> reverb
> >
> > Vocals: Multiband EQ (treble emphasis), C* Compressor, Barry's
> > Satan Maximizer, c* plate
> >
> > Then on master I have only a multiband EQ with the 50Hz gain set
> > to -70dB
> >
> > This is probably a highly unusual setup, but I really have no
> > clue what I am doing, so I would appreciate some help - for
> > example does it make sense to use the C* compressor followed by
> > BSM? What effects are usually used on what instruments? What is a
> > good reverb (not plate verb) for linux? Is there somewhere I can
> > go to read more about this?
> >
> > The second question is about mastering - I have fiddled with
> > Jamin, and can make everything louder and more compressed, but
> > what am I really aiming for here? Again is there somewhere I can
> > go to read more?
> >
> > I would appreciate any thoughts people have about this.
> >
> > All the best,
> >
> > James
> James,
>   Welcome and best of luck with what you're doing. IMO his is
> completely the right place to ask questions like this.
>   The two things I would suggest, along with one overriding rule as
> what I might offer:
> 1) Try to refrain from recording and thinking you'll 'fix it in the
> mix'. Often you have to, especially when you are starting out, but
> getting the right sound on disk will take you further and generally
> make you happier as your ears fatigue working on the project. Take the
> time to learn how to mic your instruments so that you get the sound
> you are looking for. Experiement with everything. Read. Try things. It
> will come over time, but it's all different based on your instruments,
> your mics, your A/D's and D/A, your monitors, etc. It's different for
> everyone.
> 2) Learn to use busses and in general limit yourself to a single
> reverb. Try to leave a LOT of headroom in your indivdual track
> recordings as it will reduce the number of limiter and compressors you
> find yourself using overall. Using multiple reverbs will eventually
> lead to a muddy sound as every instrument starts acting like it's in a
> different room. Busses are easy in Ardour, albiet FAR more capable
> than they really should be. That said, you need them and once you
> learn to use them for things like reverb you'll probably be better
> off.
> and the overriding rule:
> LET YOUR EARS BE YOUR GUIDE! Don't worry about what **anyone** like me
> says about *how* to do this stuff. Work to get your mix to sound the
> way you want your mix to sound. You don't say much about music style,
> which is cool, but I suggest that one answer doesn't fit Animal
> Collective, Particle, McCoy Tyner and John Mayall, all being bands
> I've listened to in depth this week. Maybe you're doing something
> non-pop/rock and some sort of strange reverb setup makes it work. If
> that's the case then by all means do WHATEVER works!
> Cheers,
> Mark
> P.S. - Anyone listening to Mike Bloomfield these days? I'm on a retro
> kick lately... :-)
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(totally agreement, isn't it?)

just for repetitiveness:  "the more you experience (and do mistakes) the
more you learn"


PS: *Psychedelic rock* here, "13th Floor Elevators" ... :-)
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