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Esben Stien b0ef at esben-stien.name
Sat May 16 12:11:37 EDT 2009

Dave Phillips <dlphillips at woh.rr.com> writes:

> I do in any Ubuntu system is to disable Pulseaudio (along with a
> raft of other stuff).

Well, if you enter the configuration file, you can set it up as a JACK

> On a stock Ubuntu Studio 9.04 JACK will not launch until Pulseaudio
> has been disabled.

Well, this is a distro fault. There is ongoing work to have messages
between the daemons to let pulseaudio yield when JACK requests the
device. It would also be nice here, if, when pulseaudio yields, the
pulseaudio daemon automatically switches to JACK output.

What you can do today is just let pulseaudio be a JACK client, as then
it would not request the device at all.

> This is major pain, because Ubuntu (GNOME?) has coupled its desktop
> to the server.

And rightly so. It would be a major design fault to not abstract this
from the desktop environment.

> I can't safely remove Pulseaudio, but I can disable it according to
> a set of instructions I found with a Google search.

Well, or just set it up as a JACK client and be done with it. 

> Btw, 'killall pulseaudio' doesn't work. The server is set up for
> persistence, so the daemon simply relaunches itself, staying in the
> way of a successful JACK start.

As you and I and all of us run JACK all the time, pulseaudio is set up
as a JACK client, so.. problem solved.

> On my notebook Pulseaudio recognizes a master output and a PCM channel. 
> It doesn't see the Mic/Line inputs at all, they only show up after I 
> disable Pulseaudio and establish ALSA as my primary sound manager.

Still the same here..

> My needs are professional, ergo I do not need or want Pulseaudio. 

I just can't see this as an issue, cause it's not;). Pulse runs as a
JACK client. End of story;). 

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