[LAU] [Jack-Devel] What are we talking about. (Was: KILL DBUS)

Stéphane Letz letz at grame.fr
Mon May 18 10:47:46 EDT 2009

Le 18 mai 09 à 16:35, Paul Davis a écrit :

> On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 10:25 AM, MarcO'Chapeau <marco at marcochapeau.org 
> > wrote:
>> On Mon, 18 May 2009 17:36:11 +0400, alex stone  
>> <compose59 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Marc,
>>> hehe, and the waltz continues. So let's assume that pulse isn't  
>>> being
>>> considered here as part of the dbus paradigm intent .
>> Hi again.
>> Ok, let's stop dancing then :) Let me try to explain that dbus here  
>> is not
>> the center of what has changed in JACK2.
> i'm  just going to trying to summarize even more from what Marc has
> said. There are two issues that have become tangled up in this recent
> email flurry.
> 1) the current D-Bus support can be mishandled by packagers and this
> can lead to problems for some users
> 2) the only actual implementation that uses the control API is based
> on D-Bus, and this is not a source of happiness and cake for everyone.
> There is nothing stopping other implementations (pure C, OSC, python
> etc) using the control API, but at this time, nothing else does.
> Stephane has attempted to correct problem (1) in svn with warnings
> etc. to packagers.
> --p

Some more words about that:

JACK2 SVN makes now clear what can be built:

- "classic" JACK : this target compiles the "jackd" executable. This  
exe behaves exactly as JACK1 is behaving (beside possible bugs). This  
target is the *default* one (that is the one resulting from "./waf  
configure). This version is meant to be used with usual tools  
Qjackctl, Ardour... (to start the server)... and so on.

- D-Bus JACK: this target compiles the "jackdbus" executable *only*  
(that is the "jackd" is not compiled anymore). This target is obtained  
using --dbus at configure time. This version is meant to be controled  
with D-Bus based control applications (Nedko please clarify this  

- both targets can be mixed but a WARNING is issued at configure time;  
that is "./waf configure  --dbus --classic" will compile both "jackd"   
and "jackdbus"  executable. This is to be done only by people who know  
exactly what they are doing.

Packagers are then strongly recommended to prepare the "classic"  or  
the "D-Bus" JACK2. Dependancies have to be handled accordingly (Nedko  
please clarify this point...)
The "mixed" target should *not be used* for packaging.

(see http://trac.jackaudio.org/wiki/JackDbusPackaging)


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