[LAU] DVDs and Ubuntu 9.10

Bob van der Poel bob at mellowood.ca
Sun Nov 1 11:37:45 EST 2009

>> >
>> > I ran from a terminal and do get a lot of messages like this:
>> >
>> > *** libdvdread: CHECK_VALUE failed in nav_read.c:356 ***
>> > *** for dsi->dsi_gi.zero1 == 0 ***
>> >
>> > Does that mean anything?
>> Probably something about the way the DVD is authored and unlikely in
>> my experience to cause big problems although you might not know until
>> you watch the DVD all the way through.

Okay ... the disc I was played was created on a stand-alone DVD
recorder. Just tried a "real" dvd and it doesn't present the above
warnings. So, all's well :)

>> You're welcome. Note that I've recently dumped Gnome for XFCE and
>> never used KDE as on Gentoo I wasn't willing to take the time to build
>> and maintain it. Depending on what version of Gnome the Ubuntu guys
>> packaged could cause some of these sorts of problems.

I've used kde for years and finally decided that with 4.x enough was
enough. Just too many changes (and bugs) for an old guy. So, figured
that since I was using Ubuntu I'd used gnome as well. I'm still not
completely at ease with the config stuff in gnome ... I'm getting
older, but not stupid :) Maybe I'll have another look at stuff like
XFCE once I get this system stable.

> xine is made for DVDs =p
> Oh, and that error, ignore it. I mean, it won't be solved. It's a low-level
> libdvdread issue which the net has no solution or explanation for. It's like
> with VCDs, we have the sector errors. The uninformed would ignorantly point
> out "your VCD is faulty", but in fact, what they don't know, is that Linux
> cannot handle a VCD properly; the kernel itself is having problem with the
> sectors because it doesn't know what to do.

You know, if the error was printed ONE time it'd even be useful ...
but a zillion times? Makes me think that it's important :)

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