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Hello Oleg.  Your English is excellent.

I've been listening to this piece over and over; that's not something that I usually do.  "I Flying" is saying something, but I haven't yet figured out what it is saying.  A very complex composition.  Congratulations, Well Done!

I think it's important to know a little background about the person reviewing your work, so that you know what their biases are.

I'm a vocalist, coming from bass cleff, brass instrument school training (baritone, trombone, and tuba.)  As a vocalist, I focus entirely on the words.  As an ex-bass cleff brass player, my next focus is on the counter melody.  My final focus is on the melody.  I'm also sound oriented rather than visual oriented (I have bad eyesight.)

There's another follower of this list who is most definitely visually oriented.  I hope he will listen to this piece and give us his visual interpretation of the work.  For now, here's my sound interpretation:

The feel of this piece first had me thinking of Hotel California by The Eagles.  Then it started moving into a feel of Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepplin.  Then it shifted into something completely different, with the ending coming as a total surprise to me with that final guitar 'scream'.  (One of the best reproductions of a human scream done with a guitar that I've ever heard.)

As for the recorder in the piece, leave it in.  It sets a feeling that the guitar picks up and elaborates on.   I like the dialog between guitar and bass guitar, with the bass guitar picking up the feeling from the guitar at around 1:22.

The guitar shifts into its own 'intense' feeling at 1:40.  At 2:33 the recorder tries to regain control and calmness.  But to no avail, as the guitar reasserts itself at 3:00 and then proceeds to take listener by the heart and jump off a cliff!

As I said, 'I Flying' is telling a story--saying something.  I wasn't exactly sure when I first heard it what the message was.  But there is no question its message is something with very strong emotional impact.  Your later comments about how your life had recently had sorrow in it is giving me clue.

Please post more of your work.  Thank you,

Hi, all!

I've recently finished long-awaited(for me) instrumental composition
and need your opinions about it. If you please, tell me about my
composition/arrangement/performance/mastering etc mistakes. Sorry for
my English :)
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