[LAU] What kind of sample(er)s etc for classical music

Lorenzo lsutton at libero.it
Mon Nov 2 02:25:18 EST 2009

Dear Mark, all,

First of all thanks for all the copious information you provide.

> No, I use Windows for Windows apps. I use Linux for Linux apps.  I
> have a couple of dedicated outboard machines running Windows for
> VST's, samplers and the like. To me using Windows this way is no
> different than using a hardware synth. I prefer to make music vs make
> political statements.
Not sure what you mean with 'political statements', this is the Linux 
Audio User list so I guess it's fair enough to ask what 
software/solutions run on linux, anyway I do see your point.
I use Windows VSTis (I find LADSPA and LV2 very good for effects) 
through dssi-vst (guess it's using the Wine layer somehow).

Just out of curiosity: I see in your specific case you have the dusting 
windows machines, but in general using windows machines as 'hardware' is 
really cheaper (giving for granted that you are paying all the software 
licenses and the cost of the PCs) than buying, say, a hardware sampler?
> In case you're not aware there is a free downloadable Kontakt Player.
> Not sure if it has fixed sounds or whether you can load your own Gigs
> but you might check out whether it runs under Wine. My experience with
> NI apps is that they mostly work in Wine, or used to. Battery runs
> really well, Guitar Rig not at all, Reaktor Session mostly.
Wavosaur (simple yet valuable freeware soundforge-like wave editor) also 
works well.

Kind regards,
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