[LAU] status usb2 for sound

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Sat Nov 7 05:04:15 EST 2009

On Friday 06 November 2009 10:28:26 Florian Faber wrote:
> > the great advantage of firewire devices from my POV is that you can
> > easily share your device between your studio PC and your mobile kit for
> > on-location recording. the only alternative to that kind of flexibility
> > is an RME [multi|digi]face with both a hdsp expresscard and a pcie card.
> > which is in an entirely different price bracket.
> Just in case you haven't noticed: Firewire is dead. The number of
> devices with a firewire port is decreasing rapidly.
> I wouldn't advocate Firewire devices anymore for new buyers.

But there are no alternatives. USB1 is to slow, USB2 has no (widely accepted) 
standard. USB3 has no devices yet, don't know whether it defines a standard.

PCCards are usually limited to one per laptop.

Firewire is the only thing where you can have high number of channels and even 
more then one device on one connection. And work for supporting almost all 
devices except for Motu is quite advanced thanks to support from the vendors.

The only alternative for higher channel counts is a pci(-express) device from 
rme. And these don't work with laptops...

Have fun,

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