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Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Sat Nov 7 06:06:20 EST 2009

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Arnold Krille schrieb:
> On Friday 06 November 2009 10:28:26 Florian Faber wrote:

>> Just in case you haven't noticed: Firewire is dead. The number of
>> devices with a firewire port is decreasing rapidly.
>> I wouldn't advocate Firewire devices anymore for new buyers.
> But there are no alternatives. USB1 is to slow, USB2 has no (widely accepted) 
> standard. USB3 has no devices yet, don't know whether it defines a standard.

And even if you only need the 2 channels USB1 can provide easily you
wont find any USB1-Device on the shelf. The vendors build everything in
USB2 - just because it is there and they don not want to discuss
consumer-questions like "What?! USB1 only - and I shall pay more then 20
for such an antique piece of equipment?".

> Firewire is the only thing where you can have high number of channels and even 
> more then one device on one connection. And work for supporting almost all 
> devices except for Motu is quite advanced thanks to support from the vendors.

So these big beasts seem to be the only alternative...

I can only hope, that the distributors wake up and put some of their
big-company-weight (and errrmm maybe some of their money?) into that.

But they seem to be totally unaware of something like a need for
pro-audio-support for Linux. - What a misconception! Every OS out there
that qualifies as "full grown" offers support for everything any user
today does on a PC. MS and Apple do not ignore audio-needs just because
audio-producers are only a small percentage of the userbase.

The SuseAG showed some insight on this as they put the alsa-people on
their payroll and set up a certified-for-linux programme for
multimedia-devices that made Linux visible to companies like Terratec.
As a result we now have perfect support for envy24-cards.
But NOVELL cut these efforts. And other distributors, that proudly claim
"We love the desktop-user!"? They do not much more than to gracefully
accept a halfhearted integration of the unpaid efforts of free devs in
the backyards of their repos...

I really wonder what can be done to change this...
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