[LAU] Re : zyn/yoshimi on EEE netbook

cal cal at graggrag.com
Thu Nov 12 03:19:54 EST 2009

Frank Neumann wrote:
> Hi list,
> I'd just like to chime in here -
> Josh Lawrence <hardbop200 at gmail.com> wrote:
> [..]
>> first blush, things are looking good but there are xruns all over the
>> place, so I installed the linux-rt kernel from the ubuntu repos.
>> eventually, yoshimi zombies, so I reboot into my new kernel.
>> zombies at every patch switch.  adjusted the OscilSize just for
>> giggles, but it didn't do any good.  my only thoughts at this point is
>> that this netbook just might be too little power for this application.
> I have been trying every 5 or so updates of yoshimi in the last weeks, and for
> me it's similar to Josh's experiences:
> - On an Asus eeePC Netbook, I can set up things fine and can also play the default
>   Sine sound, but normally within a few patch change clicks, yoshimi zombifies.
> - On an AMD64 2-core desktop PC, after setting things up the first MIDI event
>   received by yoshimi already causes the zombie..so no sound at all here.
> Both machines run Ubuntu (on the desktop PC 9.04, on the eeePC 9.10), on both
> the standard ZynaddSubFX with ALSA backend works fine, and other JACK applications
> like qsampler/LinuxSampler also run just fine.
> I am not sure whether the last yoshimi developments did target to improve the
> zombification situation, but if they did, things have rather gotten worse than
> better for me. If I can assist in tracking the problem down, be my guest.

Up until the current "Record" attempt, all that was really changing was attempts at
efficiency & optimisation improvements (clearly, not all successful!). Today I think
I've put a sprinkle of lucid moments to good purpose, and perhaps 0.038 offers an
improvement to the zombie infestations. Hope so.

cheers, Cal

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