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david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Thu Nov 12 03:41:49 EST 2009

Aurelien wrote:

>> * Is there one with a RT kernel ?
>> * Which ones will Rosegarden NOT complain that timing is not fast enough ?
> I think the problem won't occur if you have a RT kernel and rt
> priorities (I do not get this error when I'm with RT-kernel and rt
> priorities)

IIRC, Rosegarden wants a 1000Hz system timer. That's a kernel compile 
time option that apparently a lot of kernels don't come with, so you 
might have to compile your kernel with that option set.

>> * Which have the best support (paid or otherwise) ?
>> * Which is best for 64 bit machines ? Which applications need to be upgraded 
>> for 64 bit architecture ?

64Studio has a version for 64-bit. Probably others do, too.

> Yeah. And I would add:
> - What about multicore in all of this. It doesn't really depend on
>   distribution, much more on package.

Multicore processors and JACK - isn't that what jackdmp AKA Jack2 is for 
dealing with? I don't know if any other audio apps have problems with 
multicore processors.

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