[LAU] ubuntu 9.10 RT and Jack

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Mon Nov 16 17:37:39 EST 2009

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Gary Morgan schrieb:

> This is after tweaking memlocks, nice %s , buffers and so on.
> I know that chipset sound, is not a very efficient recording interface, but
> it seems there is more going on, besides that.
> I have two main questions here (they sum up to: how much of this is the
> chipset?)
> a. i had heard here and there in forums that the RT kernel in 9.04 and on
> was 'broken'. is that true?

9.4 was broken 9.10 works very good for me...

> b. Is RT only worth using for higher end machines with more ram and separate
> sound cards?

no -  the opposite is true: with a proper rt-kernel you can run critical
 stuff on lower machines also. It just grabs everything your box can do
for audio...

> And one more: Would anyone recommend using a different audio OS for this
> situation, like 64 studio? 

Not really, wait until it is stable I would suggest...
If you want to try something debianish go for pure:dyne or AVLinux.

>(i might have mentioned jacklab, but it seems
> that project has been killed)

Not so much killed but died more or less without big shock and awe...
Still OpenSuse is very good for audio with the rt-kernel from jengelh

best regs

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