[LAU] ubuntu 9.10 RT and Jack

Geoffrey gsking1 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 08:41:50 EST 2009

Gary Morgan <gmorgan777 at ...> writes:

> a. i had heard here and there in forums that the RT kernel in 9.04 and on was
'broken'. is that true?b. 

I had problems using the Ubuntu 9.04 rt kernel package, but when I compiled the kernel from source it worked pretty well, even with the nvidia
drivers.  I remember doing lots of other tweaks and recompiling a few programs
also, but cannot remember them now.  You could try rtirq?  Remove pulse.  
Also, FYI I'm using M2496 card also.  In the end I removed enough things to make
it not the best for general usage, but pretty good for audio.  I have not
switched to 9.10 yet.

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