[LAU] ubuntu 9.10 RT and Jack

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Tue Nov 17 09:09:31 EST 2009

Geoffrey wrote:
> Gary Morgan <gmorgan777 at ...> writes:
>> a. i had heard here and there in forums that the RT kernel in 9.04 and on was
> 'broken'. is that true?b. 
> I had problems using the Ubuntu 9.04 rt kernel package, but when I compiled the
> kernel from source it worked pretty well, even with the nvidia
> drivers.  I remember doing lots of other tweaks and recompiling a few programs
> also, but cannot remember them now.  You could try rtirq?  Remove pulse.  
> Also, FYI I'm using M2496 card also.  In the end I removed enough things to make
> it not the best for general usage, but pretty good for audio.  I have not
> switched to 9.10 yet.

You might be interested in this article:


I had beaucoup problems with that system, but eventually I got it fixed 
up for audio. Btw, I installed it on my HP G60 notebook, as per the article.

I picked up a contract to review some software on Karmic, so I upgraded 
the notebook to 9.10. The upgrade went well except for a few relatively 
minor problems. The default choice for grub's menu.lst didn't add the 
new kernels, but I was able to fix that with a little googling (and 
installing grub2). And as usual Ubuntu doesn't add the user to the audio 
group, another easy repair. Finally I had to fix /etc/init.d/umountfs to 
permit a full shutdown (i.e. without having to push the power button on 
the machine). See Google for details.

I've done some very light testing with JACK under the normal kernel. I'm 
impressed, so now it's on to test the rt kernel.



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