[LAU] Google wave

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Wed Nov 18 04:47:19 EST 2009

Bengt Gördén wrote:

> Anyone using it? It's in its infant state but there might be some light there. 
> Today I found a gadget/robot[1] that actually lets you collaborate by writing 
> music score. Sort of useful. Definitely not for advanced users of music 
> notation. Not yet anyway. But when your sitting down together and trying to 
> communicate a riff or similar it might be handy. I actually tried to use a bit 
> advanced GUIDO in it. My browser still, 20min later tries to render the 
> notation :-)

I've fooled around with it with my boss. It was very slow for both of us 
using our local broadband cable connections. His computer is running 
Windows XP, mine Linux, both with FF 3.5. (I wouldn't be surprised if 
it's faster in Chrome.) All we did with it was glorified chatting. He 
was successfully able to send me one file. When I tried it, I didn't 
even get to button to upload a file. When he tried it again, he had the 
same problem.

It was kind of neat being able to essentially reply multiple times to 
the same entry in the wave. Probably a quick way to produce a very 
confusing wave! ;-)

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