[LAU] USB Audio interfaces for linux?

Andrew C countfuzzball at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 12:30:17 EST 2009

Wow, thanks a million for the answers!

I'm probably might go with either the cakewalk UA-25 EW CW or the Terratec

Just out of interest though, Malte Steiner mentioned that the Terratec has
unbalanced outs.. Would I just be able to use my internal soundcard for
output or would this be wishful thinking?

Also, do these audio interfaces just sort of, work out of the box? Plug 'n'
Pray style? :/ I notice that they have very unusual inputs, are those XLR
inputs (I profess I have little knowledge in this area)? What kind of cables
would I need to feed audio from a mixer such as this:
http://www.thomann.de/ie/samson_mdr6_6kanal_mischpult.htm into the audio

Andrew Coughlan.
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