[LAU] midi drum pad project

andy baxter andy at earthsong.free-online.co.uk
Sun Nov 22 08:19:14 EST 2009

Joan Quintana wrote:
> Very interesting.
> I'm also interested in this area, nothing to show at the moment. I'm working with arduino, 
> great possibilities!!
> I don't understant if you want to map different areas from your surface to different 
> instruments (cymbals, tom,...) or something different...
> In theory, if you have the strength of each signal independent, it is possible to calculate 
> the (x,y) position, no?
The idea is to use the x-y coordinates as two independent parameters to 
a synthesiser, so the sound would vary smoothly between one point and 
another. A simple example would be to put a snare sound through a 
resonant low pass filter. The x coord would be the filter cutoff, and 
the y coord would be the resonance at the cutoff frequency.

There are many other possibilities. I'm planning to use supercollider to 
make the actual sounds.
> With arduino you have two posssibilities: 
> 1) to build a midi controller itself: the arduino sends the midi messages and you need just a synthesizer to produce sound. It's a firmware solution.
> 2) the software solution. You detect the signal in the usb port, and you need to program a little (or big) application to convert you signals to midi notes (or anything else that produces sound). In this case, I use Midishare, that for me is fantastic. There is already one year that I read the posts in this mailing list, and nobody speaks about midishare... I miss something? I there a better way to do that?
I think I'll have to go for 2 - the algorithm for mapping the sensor 
readings into coordinates looks like being too complex to run on a small 
board like the arduino.


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