[LAU] USB audio interface support?

Allan Wind allan_wind at lifeintegrity.com
Thu Nov 26 11:25:05 EST 2009

On 2009-11-26T19:29:53, Ng Oon-Ee wrote:
> Ah, so talking about boasting about it, Presonus has an Audiobox USB
> unit which boasts (to quote their website) "preamps that out perform any
> USB-based interface hands down." None of the other manufacturers, as far
> as I could see, even mentioned pre-amps except to say "yes, we have
> them".

I have the Presonus TubePRE (not the AudioBox USB).  Its pods are 
crappy and squeak when adjusted.  It is unlikely that I will 
purchase another Presonus product as I was disappointed by the 

While I have not done any critical a/b listening both the Alesis 
io|2 and Presonus TubePRE sound good to me.  Obviously only the 
latter has the warming "tube" effect.

Allan Wind
Life Integrity, LLC

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