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Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Sun Nov 29 15:46:22 EST 2009

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Svend-Erik Kjær Madsen schrieb:
> Pelle Nilsson skrev:
>> Malte Steiner <steiner at block4.com> writes:
>>>> Not sure exactly what you are looking for, but SuperCollider will allow
>>>> you to read MIDI, OSC, HID, wiimote etc events and write scripts to
>>>> handle them in any way you want to, for instance to send out new MIDI
>>>> or OSC events or generate sounds directly.
>>> same goes with Pure Data, all a matter of taste.
>> Yes, I even thought of adding that comment myself. From what I
>> understand for most purposes which one of those two applications you
>> want to use is a matter of taste.
> Hi again
> What I'm looking for is something where I for a start could make let's 
> say three  knobs, assign two to select up and down, and the third to be 
> select of the actually number, and send it out to my external device in 
> realtime.

Ardour can do such things with MIDI-Devices and some mixers but it needs
a signal from a controller to assign a slider to it. So, if you have a
device, that can only recieve events, you'd need some
controller-hardware to trigger the sliders in Ardour. Then it should be
possible to send messages to your recieving device, even if the
controller is not connected anymore - I never tested such tricks though...

> I have Pure Data installed but I can't figure howt to do exactly that, 
> maybe I'm not thinking right ? 
> Can you give me a hint to get me started ?

PD is a programming-language it does not offer pre-setted modules like a
slider, that can be mapped intuitively to a MIDI-channel. You can add
sliders easily in PD but to make them do something usable takes time and
You can do everything you ask for and much more with PD but you need to
learn how PD works and also you need in-deep knowledge about MIDI,
ALSA-MIDI and your device itself.

The same goes for csound, faust, clam and some other audio-oriented
programming-langs popular under Linux.
I think, it should be stressed, that PD and its kind is NOT a simple,
fast solution for users, that are basically musicians used to software
that resembles real instruments in a intuitive GUI.

> /Sv-e
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