[LAU] Midi controller software ?

Peter Geirnaert peter.geirnaert at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 16:12:30 EST 2009

Svend-Erik Kjær Madsen wrote:

> >[...]
> >What I'm looking for is something where I for a start could make let's
> >say three  knobs, assign two to select up and down, and the third to be
> >select of the actually number, and send it out to my external device in
> >realtime.
> >
> >I have Pure Data installed but I can't figure howt to do exactly that,
> >maybe I'm not thinking right ?
> >
> >Can you give me a hint to get me started ?
> >
> >/Sv-e


If you want to control every parameter in your NovaSystem, you'll have to
read the System Exclusive specs and make a PureData patch to handle working
with these bytes. I've only experimented a bit with PureData and to me it
looked hard
to use it for such a task.

To control my MIDI hardware, I've written drivers in Java for JSynthLib. (I
guess that's your best bet too.)

First I had to write drivers to support getting and sending patches from and
to the MIDI device (library support),
then for each type of patch, I've written an editor using the by JSynthLib
provided sliders, combobox, knob, etc .

Now certain parameters, that could only be set from the front panel or via
System Exclusive messages, can be controlled using normal MIDI CC# : my
sequencer (or hardware midi controller) sends MIDI CC to JSynthLib,
JSynthLib translates it to sysex and sends it to VirMidi (virtual midi
port), VirMidi is connected to the hardware synth's MIDI port in QJackCtl.

I'm still looking for feedback on the jsynthlib wiki (
http://jsynthlib.wikispaces.com) so if you want to try writing NovaSystem
support for JSynthLib, be welcome with questions or remarks about the guide

PS: I had a brief look at the NovaSystem's manual (
http://www.tcelectronic.com/novasystemmanuals.asp), and didn't find much
info about the System Exclusive specifications. You do need it if you need
more than just program change messages.

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