[LAU] Midi controller software ?

Svend-Erik Kjær Madsen sv-e at sv-e.dk
Sun Nov 29 16:22:16 EST 2009

Peter Geirnaert skrev:
> Svend-Erik Kjær Madsen wrote:
>     >[...]
>     >What I'm looking for is something where I for a start could make
>     let's
>     >say three  knobs, assign two to select up and down, and the third
>     to be
>     >select of the actually number, and send it out to my external
>     device in
>     >realtime.
>     >
>     >I have Pure Data installed but I can't figure howt to do exactly
>     that,
>     >maybe I'm not thinking right ?
>     >
>     >Can you give me a hint to get me started ?
>     >
>     >/Sv-e
> Hi
> If you want to control every parameter in your NovaSystem, you'll have to
> read the System Exclusive specs and make a PureData patch to handle 
> working
> with these bytes. I've only experimented a bit with PureData and to me 
> it looked hard
> to use it for such a task.
> To control my MIDI hardware, I've written drivers in Java for 
> JSynthLib. (I guess that's your best bet too.)
> First I had to write drivers to support getting and sending patches 
> from and to the MIDI device (library support),
> then for each type of patch, I've written an editor using the by 
> JSynthLib provided sliders, combobox, knob, etc .
> Now certain parameters, that could only be set from the front panel or 
> via System Exclusive messages, can be controlled using normal MIDI CC# 
> : my sequencer (or hardware midi controller) sends MIDI CC to 
> JSynthLib, JSynthLib translates it to sysex and sends it to VirMidi 
> (virtual midi port), VirMidi is connected to the hardware synth's MIDI 
> port in QJackCtl.
> I'm still looking for feedback on the jsynthlib wiki 
> (http://jsynthlib.wikispaces.com) so if you want to try writing 
> NovaSystem support for JSynthLib, be welcome with questions or remarks 
> about the guide there.
> PS: I had a brief look at the NovaSystem's manual 
> (http://www.tcelectronic.com/novasystemmanuals.asp), and didn't find 
> much info about the System Exclusive specifications. You do need it if 
> you need more than just program change messages.
> Cheers
> Peter
Hi Peter

Thanks for your comment on this. I've looked around too, thinking I 
could implement such things in a program language. Actually I thought of 
testing a little in Python without knowing much of the language. Earlier 
I have made small apps in Shell C and Ruby, so maybe the jump to Java 
isn't too hard at all. I'm aware that I have to contact TC to get some 
information regarding the midi signals used in the pedal. I'll give it a 
try to see if I'm up to the task getting the basics right, thanks.


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