[LAU] Making Of

Chip VanDan chip.vandan at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 02:36:02 UTC 2010

Hey there everyone,

I've created a guide on how I created my last musical creation and was
wondering if you guys' could sharpshoot it for me before I start
spreading it around.


If you spot any glaring errors or just ignorance shoot me an email and
I will fix it.

I'm home from Iraq now and going to start working on migrating my
various works around the Internet to a single site, but it's still a
work in progress.  As I write this I'm uploading 163 MB of my music
through a dial-up connection so it may take a while.  I am working on
another ZynAddSubFX voice collection for download and going to write
another guide focused on creating your own voices in Zyn.  Any other
suggestions for articles/guides will be considered as well, I plan on
focusing on the novice users just getting started in Linux Audio.
Also if any of you are Joomla experts I could use some insight there
as well, this is my first foray into Joomla (I'm used to working with
straight HTML in a text editor).  Thanks for your time.

Christopher "Chip" Van Dan

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