[LAU] Linuxsampler/Rosegarden Midi Organisation.

Andrew C countfuzzball at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 00:38:09 UTC 2010

Hey all,

I'm a bit overwhelmed when I mentally go through the possible ways of
organising and syncing my midi maps in linuxsampler to Rosegarden/how many
midi ports etc to use.

My situation is thus:
I have about 50 or so midi banks comprising of anywhere from 5 to 128
instruments, each in their own seperate midi map (Flame Guitars 1, 2, 3,
General Midi Set etc) and each bank is numbered sequentially throughout the
entire Map (as a side note, this probably isn't the most efficent way of
doing this, but I'm learning!).

Now, in Rosegarden, I've set up Banks in the 'Manage Midi Devices' tab for a
single midi device (I have all 50 banks of the midi maps here, accessed by
sending LSB Change messages to linuxsampler) and entered in each program
name (By hand! I'm going off on tangents left right and center here, but
surely there's a more automated way of entering in Program names for
changing patches?).

So, considering that Midi can only handle 16 channels at any one time for a
single midi port, I'm obviously going to have to use (currently) about 4
midi ports in linuxsampler if I want 1 midi bank on each channel (not
necessarily going to be using all of them at the same time of course).

The question then is:
Should I take 16 midi banks in linuxsampler, and assign them to a single
midi map, which'll then be assigned to 16 channels connected to a single
midi port, accessible by Rosegarden or perhaps group them by instrument type
in groups of 16 etc?

I would appreciate your views on this immensely!

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