[LAU] mudita24 1.02 -- improved envy24control mixer/router for ice1712-based sound-cards

R.Wolff musicwolf at web.de
Thu Aug 12 12:02:36 UTC 2010

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Am 08.08.2010 02:20, wrote Niels Mayer:

> The "Mudita24" package is a modification of alsa-tools' envy24control:
> an application controlling the digital mixer, channel gains and other
> hardware settings for sound cards based on the ice1712 chipset  (
> http://alsa.cybermirror.org/manuals/icensemble/envy24.pdf  ).   It
> also displays a level meter for each input and output channel and
> maintains peak  level indicators.  This utility is preferable to
> alsamixer(1) for those with ice1712-based cards: M-Audio Delta 1010,
> Delta 1010LT, Delta DiO  2496,  Delta 66, Delta 44, Delta 410 and
> Audiophile 2496. TerraTec EWS 88MT, EWS 88D, EWX 24/96, DMX 6Fire,
> Phase 88.  Hoontech SoundTrack DSP  24,  SoundTrack  DSP 24 Value,
> SoundTrack DSP 24 Media 7.1.  Event Electronics EZ8.  Digigram VX442.
> Lionstracs, Mediastaton.  Terrasoniq TS 88.   Partial support for
> Roland/Edirol DA-2496.
> ...

Hi Niels,

looks really great. Finally a mixer panel with REAL db-value readout.
Can't wait to try it out.
One thing that is still a little unclear to me is, do I still need the original
package (Ubuntu 10.04), or can I simply install over a standard alsa implementation?

Thank you very much for this beautiful digital mixer.

Raphael ;)

P.S.: While we're at it: Maybe you could explain me what the 'volume change
rate' value on the '
hardware settings' tab means? What is it for? What does it adjust/smooth out?
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