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Brent Busby brent at keycorner.org
Tue Aug 31 17:20:59 UTC 2010

On Sun, 29 Aug 2010, Patrick Shirkey wrote:

> Of course for those in non western societies this is probably not of 
> any value as they stand to gain the most if the western world turns 
> into a completely fascist society.
> Although even that is debatable. The collapse of western financial 
> systems will cause a lot of pain for the poorer nations. Maybe even 
> more than for the nations that collapse. So, it can be argued it is in 
> everyones interest to find a way to work against the system in this 
> regard.

Politics is something I no longer really think I understand.  It's 
obvious we're being lied to, but I don't think the various conspiracy 
theorists know what they're talking about either.

I know that somehow, the Cold War ended, Russia gave up most of its 
satellite states (though some like Ukraine are still tightly connected), 
but most of the nukes still exist.  China has switched to something not 
so much resembling Maoism/Leninism as, oddly enough, their old imperial 
system in which the country is expected to make as much profit as 
possible, but under autocratic rule.  For some reason, we went to full 
scale war for the first time in my life to stop Iraq from invading 
Kuwait, under the presidency of a man who was a former CIA director. 
During his presidency, the parking garage of the World Trade Center 
buildings were bombed, presumably by an organization run by Osama bin 
Laden, whose family is, strangely enough, friends with the family of the 
same president.  Then his son got the presidency, several large 
Manhattan buildings (including the Trade Center buildings whose parking 
garages were bombed during the father's presidency) were hit by 
passenger jets piloted by Saudi hijackers, and fell vertically, with the 
primary collateral damage in the surround area being caused by 
particulate debris the air causing respiratory problems for civillains. 
At no point did the the collapse of any building cause any other 
adjacent building to fall.  Another jet hit the Pentagon the same 
morning.  The culprit was deemed to be Osama bin Laden's organization in 
Afghanistan, so we went to war with the Afghans.  Pakistan, which had 
been ruled by a military officer, suddenly started professing a 
friendship with the west, and their president started appearing on 
television dressed in a civilian suit instead of a general's uniform. 
They were now our "ally in the region".  After fighting in Afghanistan 
for awhile, suddenly, our enemies were back in Iraq again, and the son 
of the president of the first Iraq war led us into the second Iraq war. 
Then we had one of the most historic presidential election campaigns in 
American history, and we elected a man who not only was the first black 
president, but who seemed to promise the sun and the moon and the stars, 
and made it seem that we as a nation were going to start living by our 
own constitution and respecting people again.  And when he got 
elected...health care, health care, health care.  You never heard of him 
doing anything but talk about health care.  Health care is important, 
but it's all he talked about.  And now we're focusing on Afghanistan 
again.  And Iran is making absurd statements about blowing Israel off 
the map.  And North Korea seems to want a fight so bad that the Chinese 
are growing embarrassed of them.

What does all this mean?  The conspiracy theorists like to connect dots 
and draw conclusions when they don't have enough information.  I don't 
think any of them really know.

I just know there's a whole lot of lying going on, and some of it is 
really sloppy.  Nothing is remotely adding up here.

Which is why I don't try to affect politics much...  Democracy requires 
an educated electorate that understands what is going on.  There is so 
much confusion now that no one in the general population can honestly 
say they have any idea what is happening, other than lots of lying.

I will say though, that the best hints usually come from following the 
money...  Which is particularly interesting now with the banking crises. 
And with that, we're WAY off topic now.  :)

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