[LAU] Step-by-step instructions to have Linux recognize Audiofire 12 Firewire device?

Harry Van Haaren harryhaaren at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 09:10:39 EST 2010

Hey David,

The AudioFire has been supported in FFADO for a very long time,
as Echo were helpful and provided "generic" source code for thier devices.

The FFADO site explains details, but all you need is a newish Linux Distro
which has a JACK with FFADO on it.

The new Ubuntu studio has JACK & FFADO, but gave me lots of unknown problems
with my AudioFire12,
AVLinux works very well for me. The new Pure::Dyne works insanely well.
(Pure:Dyne is what I currently have

Pure::Dyne runs as a Live CD, so you can try it without destroying you XP,
and all I needed to do to get
firewire audio running, was:

1. sudo modprobe raw1394               // loads the firewire module
2. sudo chmod 777 /dev/raw1394      // allows all users acces the firewire
3. start jack (I use QJackCtl).

If there's errors... check your firewire settings, make sure that the
"backend" in QJackCtl = "firewire",
and dont set the latency/buffer-sizes etc too low to start. A little bit of
common sense and it should work

Hope that helped... -Harry

PS: If you havent upgraded the firmware on the AudioFire to version 5, DONT!

I'm getting a latency of 14.5 ms on an AudioFire2 (firm:5.5), while the same
machine under
the same approx settings gets 2ms (yes, just two!) on an AudioFire12
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