[LAU] Step-by-step instructions to have Linux recognize Audiofire 12 Firewire device?

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Sun Mar 7 18:00:37 EST 2010

Harry Van Haaren wrote:
> Hey David,
> The AudioFire has been supported in FFADO for a very long time,
> as Echo were helpful and provided "generic" source code for thier devices.
> The FFADO site explains details, but all you need is a newish Linux Distro
> which has a JACK with FFADO on it.
> The new Ubuntu studio has JACK & FFADO, but gave me lots of unknown 
> problems with my AudioFire12,
> AVLinux works very well for me. The new Pure::Dyne works insanely well. 
> (Pure:Dyne is what I currently have
> installed.)
> Pure::Dyne runs as a Live CD, so you can try it without destroying you 
> XP, and all I needed to do to get
> firewire audio running, was:
> 1. sudo modprobe raw1394               // loads the firewire module
> 2. sudo chmod 777 /dev/raw1394      // allows all users acces the 
> firewire port
> 3. start jack (I use QJackCtl).
> If there's errors... check your firewire settings, make sure that the 
> "backend" in QJackCtl = "firewire",
> and dont set the latency/buffer-sizes etc too low to start. A little bit 
> of common sense and it should work
> NP!
> Hope that helped... -Harry
> PS: If you havent upgraded the firmware on the AudioFire to version 5, 
> I'm getting a latency of 14.5 ms on an AudioFire2 (firm:5.5), while the 
> same machine under
> the same approx settings gets 2ms (yes, just two!) on an AudioFire12 
> (firm:4.8).

Thanks, we tried it today with PureDyne 9.10 "Carrot and Coriander". 
modprobe and chmod reported no errors, but JACK didn't recognize the 

When you say "backend" in QJackCtl, are you talking about the driver, or 
something else? I just noticed now (at home on my laptop without any 
firewire device) that there's a "firewire" option on the Driver drop down.

We use a Firewire 800 PCIExpress card, I forget the brand. I didn't have 
the time to check to see if the card is being recognized.

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