[LAU] Step-by-step instructions to have Linux recognize Audiofire 12 Firewire device?

Harry Van Haaren harryhaaren at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 03:50:06 EST 2010


After the modprobe, there should be a device called "raw1394" in /dev?
As a normal user try "$ : /dev/raw1394", it should give you a permission
Chmod 777 it (or 755 or whatever..  I  777 all my audio stuff... :-)

JACK should be allowed access it now, as "Driver" you'll need to select
"FireWire" yes.

As for the firewire card, I'd check that out first... Texas Instrument chips
are known to
work well, Ricoh chips can give problems for some reason.. (AFAIK, i dont
have one!)

Hope this gets you a little closer! -Harry

Thanks, we tried it today with PureDyne 9.10 "Carrot and Coriander".
> modprobe and chmod reported no errors, but JACK didn't recognize the
> AudioFire12.
> When you say "backend" in QJackCtl, are you talking about the driver, or
> something else? I just noticed now (at home on my laptop without any
> firewire device) that there's a "firewire" option on the Driver drop down.
> We use a Firewire 800 PCIExpress card, I forget the brand. I didn't have
> the time to check to see if the card is being recognized.
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