[LAU] UA-101

Colin Fletcher colin.m.fletcher at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 1 11:27:02 EST 2010

Clemens Ladisch wrote:
> I wrote:
>> I'm not sure if this is a problem with the EHCI driver or your USB
>> controller,
> Okay, I found two bugs in the EHCI driver that explain all your
> problems.  Apparently, these bugs show up only if the USB host
> controller issues interrupts not for every completed microframe; you
> seem to be the only one with such hardware.

Thank you very much: that's great news. I don't think my hardware is 
anything way out of the ordinary: it's a Dell Vostro 1520 laptop, a few 
months old.

> I've CC'd you on the patches; holler if you need entire files.

Got them: I'm just about to reboot & test, so I'll let you know what 
happens shortly.

Thanks again,


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