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Am 27.02.2010 20:35, schrieb Aaron L.:
> Hi all.

> I've been using UbuntuStudio for the past couple of years and the video
> editing software that came with it leaves much to be desired.

But you know, that you can install everything, that runs on Linux on any

In my experience, what distro you use becomes lesser important nowadays
and that is good news. Even though not every distro is the same as
top-notch for audio/video any general-purpose distro is at least capable
to get things done. So I would not consider switching from a running
distro before I really know, that I cannot do, waht I want with the
system already installed...

Back to topic:

> Just curious if anyone's actually producuctive with anything video and linux
> related.

I do more and more video-stuff on Linux and most of the time I use OME -
openmovieeditor for it:


Richard Spindler has done a great job with integrating OME seamelessly
with jack. It really works great, including transport. OME uses to crash
from time to time but not the same as often as kdenlive and it is
lighter. The same as KDEnlive it has a desaster-recovery-mechanism it
simply stores its XML-projectfile contineously - that is: I never lost
more then ~10 seconds of work with any crash of it.

So in a word: if you want to edit video under Linux with an app
integrated in jack OME could be worth the try ;-)

> Thanks.
> -Aaron
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