[LAU] bare minimum session handling

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Wed Mar 3 03:58:51 EST 2010

The Musix 2.0 distro includes a number of demos that you can select from 
the desktop menu. The demos start up JACK, Zyn with various instrument 
settings, Hydrogen with various settings, etc, followed by RG. When you 
hit play in RG's transport, everything plays.

How they set it up, I don't know. But it demonstrates some power to 
automate session handling.

fred wrote:
>   Hi list,
> To be more precise than Renato, and just for my little use if you please
> (maybe someone else should benefit ?) :
> I use Rosegarden to play & edit MIDI files,
> thru this cheap USB keyboard,
> with almost the same sounds from Fluidsynth,
> drums goes to Tapeutape,
> Linuxsampler for piano,
> Brixton for keyboards,
> --and always search for digital horns and strings,
> everything is recorded in Ardour,
> with real sounds from bass, guits and voices,
> and of course you've understood Jack is making all this possible. (Hum,
> hope you have, or please tell what you're doin' here baby)))
> That said, how can WE (Renato & I, & everyone of us) be able to save
> time on patching all this greats apps together ?
> Please, please, please (hey, that remembers a wonderful pop song, ain't 
> it ?)
> don't take this words as a blame, and consider the most important part is
> "all this greats apps", and the most hoping part is sharing YOUR knowledge,
> when you reply to this Renato's mail.
> Many thanks for all of us searching like Renato and me, cause I know that
> you surely know what is loosing feeling between patchcords....
> Of course, there's a great probability than someone answer "xxxx", that was
> just under our eyes since ages, but we never seen it, AND YOU KNOW WHAT ?
> Once again we will be proud to be idiots in the past, and to became less 
> idiots
> just because of community sharing. So, thank you Folks !
> Fred
> Renato a écrit :
>> Hello, from users' perspective, what are currently the options for
>> minimum session handling? I'd just like for a starter to have multiple
>> sets of connections and be able to save and load them. 
>> Is there any documentation on at least one way of doing this? Couldn't
>> find any
>> Is patchage capable of doing this? What exactly does the "save
>> positions" menu entry do?
>> In second order, what may we expect from the near future in terms of
>> more advanced session handling (lash, ladi)? Are they
>> (lash/ladi) currently usable and used? (Certainly they lack
>> documentation)

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