[LAU] [LAD] Descent synth as dssi

rosea grammostola rosea.grammostola at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 06:58:16 EST 2010

Gerald Mwangi wrote:
> Hi, I've played arround with LASH, and it seems to do what it was ment
> for. Hydrogen and Zynadd already support it, and I think Ardour too. So
> its not about LASH its self, but about the apps that use it. If I were
> to push LASH developement, it wouldn't change anything. I mean to force
> audio apps, which use Jack, to use LASH as well. For me it is super
> important, to be able to save the whole session with one click. There
> are so many standalone jack apps out there, which I'd like to use for
> recording. I simply don't rewiring everything that belongs to project
> everytime I work on it.
Imho you better could use Ladish then LASH atm. I enjoy using it myself.


You could also take a look into this:


There are some proposals for a minimal session handler within Jack. It's 
clear that users needs session handling, it's up to the devs to make a 
good plan for it. I think they understand the need of users now.
So as a musicians I suggest you to look at the available options, choose 
one and just wait and pray for more and/ or new developments in this 
area. Your point is clear and taken.


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