[LAU] Music made with linux: Modlys/Flow

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Sun Mar 7 16:49:39 EST 2010

Hi Atte!
   OK, now I had time to take a first listen. Admittedly I skipped a bit here 
and there. But a few pieces held my complete attention right up to the end.
   It's a mazing, especially considering, that you only had one month for it. 
Some very interesting and gripping sounds. One piece, that overwhelmed me 
soundvise was "langstom gengivelse 1". May I ask, how you created the choir 
sound? It reminds me so much of Tomitas version of pictures of an exhibition 
or the night on the bare mountain.
   "uden dig" was interesting to listen to, as there was the remix. Always 
interesting to see, what one can make out of one song. The heaviness of the 
remix is enjoyable, the bass is so killer in this context.
   If "der er stille her" hadn't been that repetitive I would have enjoyed it 
even more than I did now. The old fashionedness of the piece, especially 
amidst all the modern pieces was surprising.
   Overall, it is again well mixed and balanced. And there are sounds I'd like 
to have myself, if my setup was up to some good old electronic music with 
machine hardened preciseness. :-) I think I will revisite a few of these 
pieces again with pleasure. Maybe in between some baroque and some 70s prog 
rock. They'll make a nice change. :-)
   Kindly yours

Music was my first love and it will be my last (John Miles)

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