[LAU] Outboard gear users: What MIDI interface are you using?

Malte Steiner steiner at block4.com
Fri Mar 12 14:19:07 EST 2010

> bonus points for anything that gives me more than 4 ports of i/o.

A used Emagic AMT works well and gives 8 ports i/o. But I never managed 
to chain them to get 16 or more under Linux, worked well on Mac.

> Man I do have to say I miss the pre-VST days. sorry, but things were
> better (albiet a bit more pricey) then.

These days are not gone. Still a lot of new synths are being released 
and Midi is still not dead. Used digital synths and samplers are cheap 
(something which you cant say about analogue synths). And there has 
never been so much new analogue modulars available as today.
Coming from Emagic Logic I was never that convinced with Midisequencing 
under Linux, so now I use a MPC and other sequencers/ rhythm machines 
synched for my beat music, the computer became a taperecorder for audio. 
Once I tracked everything the possibilities to warp the audio signals 
with Ladspa Plugins or PD or AMS or CSound or whatever are endless. With 
the cheap available harddisks this is a major change for me in music 
making in comparison of the 90s, in that times I composed everything in 
Midisequencers and recorded only a stereo master on DAT.


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