[LAU] Outboard gear users: What MIDI interface are you using?

Rob Wentz wentzr at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 13:17:38 EST 2010

With soooooo much stinkin attention and emphasis put towards softsynths
these days, I'm curious... what are all you *other* linux audio musicians
who actually still use outboard gear (more than relying on softsynths)
using as a MIDI interface for your linux sequencers??

bonus points for anything that gives me more than 4 ports of i/o.

I'm using six pieces of midi gear in my studio these days, so a 4 port does
me no good, unless an arguement can be made that 2x 4-port midi i/os could
be more stable than one 8port i/o. (as I've heard before but has never
proved true for me).. . I'm using a motu midi express XT on one machine and
a Motu MTP AV on another. (both parallel devices) frankly neither have ever
been completely preferable to use in linux by any stretch, so i stick to
this toy of a box called a midisport 2x2 when sequencing midi in linux and
just use the motus on apple and ms OSs.

Man I do have to say I miss the pre-VST days. sorry, but things were better
(albiet a bit more pricey) then.

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