[LAU] Outboard gear users: What MIDI interface are you using?

Jostein Chr. Andersen jostein at vait.se
Sat Mar 13 09:24:00 EST 2010

fredag mars 12 2010 19.17.38 skrev  Rob Wentz:
> With soooooo much stinkin attention and emphasis put towards softsynths
> these days, I'm curious... what are all you *other* linux audio musicians
> who actually still use outboard gear (more than relying on softsynths)
> using as a MIDI interface for your linux sequencers??

HW synths/controllers: Edirol PCR 800, Korg NanoKey (for the LapTop when I'm 
travelling light), Roland P-330 Piano Module and my good old beloved Roland 
JX-8P synth (fully functional).

Midi Interfaces: M-Audio 1010 and Edirol UM-2-ex (for lap top).

Midi stuff for guitars: POD 2.0 controlled by Behringer FCB 1010 (with UNO).

I really don't know if the P-330 will be in use anymore; I bought the Linux 
version of Pianonoteq and I must (IMHO) say that it knocks the sox off almost 

The JX will on the other hand be in use for years to come. I never get tired 
of it and its sound are just great in any mix and almost any music style. It's 
my second one and I keep an eye on the net and buy another one for spare when 
the time and money is right.


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