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Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Sat Mar 13 09:53:08 EST 2010


On Saturday 13 March 2010 11:29:29 Atte André Jensen wrote:
> I don't understand the CC license at all. I could dig through a jungle
> starting with google, and I *have* read and understood the basics
> regarding CC. I'm hoping for some personal experiences in plain
> language. Here goes:
> 1) What's the advantages for the artist with CC compared to "All rights
> reserved".

With "all rights reserved" you alone are the one to decide what to do with it, 
or the production firm you sold the rights to. Which is already the most 
prominent disadvantage of "all rights reserved": if the producing firm bought 
the exclusive rights, they tell you what to do with your music.
If you publish your music by some CC license you as the artist are more free.

And with CC licenses the listeners (your audience!) and other artists are more 
If you choose a SA-option, others might use parts of your music in their works 
(of course giving credit to you!), if you choose an non-commercial option, 
they can't sell these derived works.
Note that you can still sell the music and are not bound to the NC because you 
are the copyright-holder, you can license your music to others under what 
license you choose. You can license it as CC-SA-NC and at the same time make a 
fortune selling commercial rights to warner...

> 2) What's the disadvantages for the artist with CC compared to "All
> rights reserved".

Some said you can't sell it anymore because nobody will buy it when its free.
To see if that true, look if people downloading your last album for free from 
your webspace also paid...
Just a week ago I bought a CC-licensed book on amazon after I downloaded the 
pdf for free. Some people like free licenses and still pay for not needing to 
print a book for themselves:-)

> 3) What's the advantages for the consumer with CC compared to "All
> rights reserved".

For the consuming-only consumer its mostly the fact that there are no dumb 
(and partly illegal) restrictions like "no private copies, no processing other 
then bought".
For the deriving consumer or the public-playing consumer, the CC licenses 
usual give more freedom.

> I assume there's no disadvantages for the customer with CC...

Yes, there are. If its SA-based, there is no more illegal sample ripping for 
real gangsters. :-)

Please note that I am no lawyer. I just read a book from irights.info (another 
book bought by me while its content are available for free) and other sources 
like the cc-homepage.

Have fun,

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