[LAU] CC for dummies

Burkhard Ritter burkhard at sportident.de
Sat Mar 13 18:33:29 EST 2010

Arnold Krille schrieb:
> If you choose a SA-option, others might use parts of your music in their works 
> (of course giving credit to you!), if you choose an non-commercial option, 
> they can't sell these derived works.
> Note that you can still sell the music and are not bound to the NC because you 
> are the copyright-holder, you can license your music to others under what 
> license you choose. You can license it as CC-SA-NC and at the same time make a 
> fortune selling commercial rights to warner...

Might be of interest:

If I remember correctly, discusses the ambiguity of NC and SA as a 
possible alternative.


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