[LAU] Slightly OT: Live gig with Linux AV

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Tue Mar 23 10:51:20 EDT 2010


I am running an event in Sydney this Fri 26. It's my first real Linux 
Audio gig for almost 6 years so it's well overdue. this is going to be a 
purely DJ set but I am going to do as much as possible with Linux tools 
just for the fun of it. I figure I might as well push my self and the 
tools rather than play it safe with standard equipment.

Details here: http://djcj.org/events

I thought some of you might be interested in the tools (weapons) I have 
chosen for this one.

alsaplayer x 2

I am running it all on my Compaq Presario cq40 dual core AMD Turion, 4GB 
RAM with onboard ATI /radeon graphics and hda_intel audio. Dual Monitor 
setup running closed source ATI drivers for opengl hardware acceleration 
and Gnome desktop on Fedora 11. I'm also currently upgrading to f12 a 
second Toshiba notebook. Single core Intel Celeron, 2GB RAM, nVidia 
quadro graphics which I might take along too for additional graphics and 
to take some load off the primary machine if I can get it all upgraded 
and running smoothly in time. In that case I will run the audio tools on 
the main machine and LiVes on the other.

For master audio output I will be using my maudio USB Quattro with 
jackEQ as always. I will be running the quattro into the house pioneer 
dj mixer for additional control and fx and will have 2 cdj's for 
additional sampling mayhem and backup in case anything goes wrong with 
the primary machine...

I also have an external vga->composite adapter box to allow me to 
connect to the inhouse projector.

Unfortunately with all that running I don't think the disks will be able 
to cope with recording the session. With LiVes in the mix I'm looking at 
a stable 80 - 90% CPU load. Currently the memory is stable at 65%.  If I 
get the second machine up I will look at piping the house mix back into 
the system and record the whole thing on the second device for the 
quattro. alsa_in to the rescue there too.



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