[LAU] Music made with linux: Or how an infinite number of monkeys came up with this.

Andrew C countfuzzball at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 13:20:40 UTC 2010

Thanks for the feedback guys!

As I'm sure is very evident, this feedback is a great learning
experience for me! For the record, I actually dislike Infinite in
comparision to Adventa, the former I wrote before the latter.

Things to note:
The mix for Infinite is stupidly loud (like -5DB most of the time),
thankfully I hope I corrected this in Adventa (Around a more pleasing
The bass instrument/piano in Infinite, again was very very loud, even
clipping at times!

Julien, about the chords, for Infinite I basically had the strings like this:
Bass - Root
Cellos - Root/Occasionally swapping out for the Violas or Violins
Violas - major/minor third
Violins - Fifth

While with Adventa, I did more experimentation, trying to break away
from the "STRINGS WILL PLAY CHORDS ONLY" mentality and changed up the
orchestration a bit.

Q, Yeah the drums are the G-Town church samples (absolutely drenched
in 'verb), I used the Stomps and Orchestral Toms for those. One 'verb
ladspa plugin (gverb I think) is used for the entire orchestra, but
due to your suggestion, I think I'll bypass the reverb for the g-town
stuff from now on!

As for the clarinet staccato parts, I absolutely hate quantisising to
be honest, and I very rarely do any quantisising (either just play the
part again or do a little bit here and there) on the instruments, but
I will admit, I did a bit of it for the percussion!


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