[LAU] screencasting with ffmpeg

Jeremy Jongepier jeremy at autostatic.com
Thu Nov 4 18:59:52 UTC 2010

On 11/04/2010 07:01 PM, Rustom Mody wrote:
> Ive been trying to follow this link
> http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/wiki/screencasttutorial
> 1. It says xsession wont work in gnome -- any alternatives?
> 2. It says get an ffmpeg with h.264  -- where/how to get?
> thanks
> Rustom

Hello Rustom,

You could try running gnome-session. Seems to work for other people: 

The problem with running multiple Gnome sessions as the same user is 
that Gnome wants to start a lot of Gnome related services and this can 
cause weird behavior. That's why I use a minimal window manager myself 
as the host in which I run Xephyr.

And for ffmpeg to support h.264 you have to compile it yourself as most 
distro's do not ship ffmpeg with support for h.264.



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